It is Simply About Sponsorship for ATFV

It’s been anything but simple to land a main sponsor for A Touch Far Vetched however the fundraising fanzine devoted to Swansea City has entered into an exciting new partnership with local start up business Simply Print Wales. Meanwhile, we’ve done a little sponsoring of our own…

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working with Russell Davies and his new venture, Simply Print Wales, to help deliver the new hospital smock tops we’ve promised to the play nurses at Morriston Hospital’s Children’s Wards. That particular project has proved far more problematic than I ever thought it could be (it comes down to a tiny selection of colours the nurses can use and the lack of suppliers with the quantities needed), but once the supply is sorted Russ stands ready to brand them with his sublime sublimation printing technique – as modelled by play nurse Lisa below. 

Russ will also be working with us to produce some wicked bespoke T-shirts that we’ll be giving away in a number of charity raffles over the next nine months of the season.

I’ve been scouting for a main sponsor all summer and had endured the usual frustration of being asked to put a full proposal together only for it to be declined or totally ignored.

It was clear though in my discussions with Russ and his incredibly resourceful wife Liz – who owns the well established and renowned Simply Elegant wedding and events business – that we all shared a passion for helping our local community.

And so agreement was reached and we have resolved to work together to deliver certain charitable aims this season, with Simply Print Wales assuming the role of main sponsor of A Touch Far Vetched.

The two family run businesses will feature heavily in everything ATFV does this season and I personally cannot wait to crack on and make good things happen though some good old fashioned #️⃣atfvfundraising. 

Meanwhile ATFV has been doing a little bit of sponsoring of its own, starting with The Dave Hixson Show on Radio Tir Coed.

Dave is a really talented DJ rebuilding his business in Swansea after several years in Spain. He’s also the current disc spinner at ATFV’s charity events – and so the opportunity to support him was just too good to resist.

Ok, it also means that ATFV and its charity events get numerous plugs to Radio Tir Coed’s thousands of listeners acropss the city and beyond…but the sponsorship is as much a thank you to Dave for the way he has supported ATFV’s fundraising efforts over the last eighteen months or so. 

You can listen to Dave on Tuesdays (10am – 1pm) and Fridays (7am to 10am)

Click to listen online

Additionally, A Touch Far Vetched has always looked to support youngsters playing football in the Swansea catchment area and so we have taken up the sponsorship of young Ynysmeudwy Athletic right back Kian Pickman.

I’d like to say that we are doing this as we have spotted his glorious burgeoning talent and we are going to take him to the top of the game…but it’s actually down to the fact that Kian is the nephew of my good friend  colleague  Andrew Thomas.

That said, ATFV’s Special K bagged a goal and an assist in a recent Smeudwy win and he triumphantly messaged Andrew and I declaring he was like Tommy Hutchison in his prime…got to love the kid’s optimism and enthusiasm, eh?

Finally, the first issue of ATFV this season is nearly ready for publication. With so much going on in the background for the fanzine, for me personally and especially for the club, I took the decision to hold off until the end of the transfer window. Now, with the international break in full flow and the dust settling on a perhaps traumatic transitional period for the Swans, it’s time to finish the issue off and get it out there. 

Naturally I hope that you will all read it, share it and simply support it, along with its proud new sponsor Simply Print Wales

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