New ATFV Charity Appeal Launched in Tribute to Lenny Johnrose

This evening sees the launch of a new ATFV charity campaign aimed at aiding the Swansea City Former Players Association – we weren’t going to formally announce this for a few weeks but this evening’s sad news that Lenny Johnrose has passed away has not only brought our timetable forward, it’s also led us to dedicate the campaign to our fallen former player.

It was always the plan to involve ATFV in raising money for the recently formed Former Players Association – if there’s any local charity that this fanzine should get involved with it is one that seeks to support the players that hae worn the Swans short in days gone by, and their families.

I was going to work on this in earnest next week, after I’ve finished pulling together all of the content for a new issue of ATFV which is due to be published on Saturday.

And then came that bombshell news over Twitter that Lenny had passed away – and it just felt right to drop everything else and get this up and running NOW…

…and dedicate the whole thing to the memory of an incredible player and and even more incredible man! 

Lenny Johnrose was my hero, and I wrote about that in a previous issue of ATFV – I’d encourage everyone to take a look at that article which is HERE

I followed Lenny’s exploits over Twitter and constantly marvelled at how he battled such a destructive and evil disease as Motor Neurone Disease with not only courage and dignity but also mischievous humour.

Watching Lenny deal with his rapidly declining health with such tenacity and dignity was truly humbling, but it just summed Lenny Johnrose up to perfection – he wouldn’t take a backward step on the pitch and he refused to do so off it when Motor Neurone Disease sunk its insidious claws into him. 

His Ice Foot Challenge was typical of him – and it raised thousands of pounds for crucial research to find the elusive cure for this debilitating and terminal condition. 

I can think of no better way to run a charity campaign than to do so in this incredible man’s honour – and all at ATFV will work our socks off to raise money in Lenny’s memory to help the next former Swan that needs support, whether it be because of something like Motor Neurone Disease (please Lord, NO, nobody else please!), some other medical condition, mental health issues, or if they simply fall on hard times after their playing careers end.

In the meantime, on behalf of all at ATFV, I want to extend our deepest condolences to Lenny’s family and friends at this sad time. 

RIP Super Lenny Johnrose! 

If you would like to pay tribute to Lenny by donating to our newly launched appeal, or if you just want to help our former Swans, then click the Donate button below and leave a pound or two on our Justgiving page. 

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