Swans Strikes for Sa1ute Charity

A Touch Far Vetched, the fundraising fanzine devoted to Swansea City Football Club, is proud to announce it’s first charitable scheme of the 2022/23 season as we look to back our boys and girls in our Armed Forces through our Swans Strikes for Sa1ute Scheme

Charitable exploits have always been important to us here at ATFV but the last couple of Covid affected years have played havoc with our efforts. Hopefully the pandemic is behind us now (at least in most practical ways) and we can get back to supporting our local community without being badly hampered by social restrictions. 

We’re firing the starting gun on those efforts today with our official launch of the Swans Strikes for Sa1ute Scheme. The premise is a simple one; for each goal the Swans score throughout the 22/23 season our Editor (that’s ME , folks!) will donate £1 to the Justgiving page

However, there’s a ‘Piroe Party’ bonus if Joel gets on the scoresheet, with each goal the Dutchman plunders pocketing a fiver from the Editor’s meagre savings.

It’s a simple enough concept, you don’t need Einstein to understand it – but here he is anyway…

Sa1ute is the latest local charity to benefit from some care and attention from ATFV and it is certainly deserving of whatever assistance we can provide. 

Sa1ute is a non-profit charity which has been set up to promote good mental health of veterans and serving members of the armed forces, and help those who are suffering from combat related health issues.

A couple of years ago, after an immense fundraising effort, the charity purchased a parcel of land near Pen-Y-Fan, with ambitious plans to transform it into a retreat that veterans and serving members of the armed forces can use for free. However Covid came along and set back those plans…until now.

The immense task of turning this retreat into a fully functioning area that can provide respite and sanctuary for our brave service men and women has started but Sa1ute needs help with an enormous wishlist of items that will be required to build and kit out the site.

ATFV wants to play a small part in that effort – we’ll only be able to put a small dent in what’s required but we will do our outmost to raise a little bit of cash and whole lot of much needed awareness for such a much needed Swansea charity.

Our initial target is a donation of £300and we are 1% of the way there already as goals from Harry Darling, Jay Fulton and Liam Cullen in the opening two games have already cost the Editor three quid. He’s even paid up too!! 

The launch of the Sa1ute fundraising drive is just one of the things we have planned for this season, and you’ll be able to read more about what we have planned in the new issue of our online fanzine – which is due to be published towards the end of next week.

Don’t miss it – keep reading and keep supporting ATFV as we aim to keep supporting the local Swansea community. 

If you’d like to make a one off payment to aid Sa1ute then click the big red ‘DONATE’ button…better still, if you’d like to match fund our Swans Strikes for Sa1ute then drop us a line on editor@atfv.co.uk 

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