Podcast Pridmore Makes an Arse of Himself Over Oli

As Oli McBurnie rose above the Hull defenders to meet Dan James’ pinpoint cross to head home his 20th league goal of campaign the Liberty crowd rose with him…all except one man…Ryan Pridmore kept his bum firmly on his seat as he contemplated the artwork he would be forced to imprint on it as a consequence of betting against the prolific Swans striker.

Many of you will know Ryan as one hilarious half of the magnificent Ambition is Critical podcast, but he found the joke very much on him as McBurnie became the first Swans striker to break the 20 league goal barrier since Scott Sinclair eight years ago. Having lost his <ahem> CHEEKY bet Ryan now faces having “Oli McBurnie is class – pass it on” tattooed on his buttock, to sit alongside…BOB BRADLEY! Yes, you did read that right, Ryan has BOB BRADLEY ON HIS ASS!!

The podcast presenter takes up the story:-

Two years ago I made a bet the Swans wouldn’t win the last 3 games of the season. If they did I’d have Bob Bradley tattooed on my ass. We beat Everton, Sunderland and WBA and so true to my word I had the tattoo done on my stag in Benidorm.

During the 2-2 Leeds draw early in the year when Oli scored 2, my mate said he’d get 25 plus this season. I said he wouldn’t get 20. League goals this was. We bet that if he did I’d have his name tattooed on my ass, if he didn’t my mate would have the tattoo.

Fortunately for Ryan’s mate – and not so fortunate for Ryan (or his long suffering wife I would imagine) – McBurnie made it a successful “race to the bottom” and his brace against Hull broke the ink-credible target that Ryan had set for him.

In a stroke of genius though Ryan has turned his shameful forfeit into a fundraiser for a fine local charity; SA1UTE is an Armed Forces charity for veterans and locals aimed at helping them combat mental health problems. There’s no ifs or BUTTS (sorry Ryan) this is a local charity worthy of support…and you can do so by clicking HERE!

Whilst many strikers would have been offended by Ryan’s lack of faith McBurnie happily turned the other cheek (oh I have to cut out these ass jokes – Ed.) and has well and truly got involved, offering to not only pay for the tattoo but to double whatever is raised! 

Fair play to the frontman, he’s as brilliant with Swans fans on social media as he is knocking in the goals on the pitch and it is this sort of thing that has made the season feel like one of reconnection with our side. It’s a far different feeling to the latter years in the Premier League as we endured the half hearted efforts of a bunch of mercenaries and failing prima donnas.

It’s not always about winning and losing in football…it’s about having pride and respect in the individuals that wear your club’s badge, and the Championship mid-table finish is more than palatable having watched a motivated and spirited young side battle the odds for the Swan on their chest. Little things like Oli’s gesture here only reinforces that feeling and helps it to grow.

Fair play to Ryan too, not only for being true to his word and honouring his bet but also for using it as a way to raise cash for a very worthy cause.

I am however deeply disappointed he rejected my suggestion that he have Oli’s name branded on his ass with a hot iron so that Oli could do the deed himself – what a spoilsport!

Check out Ryan in his natural environment – download the Ambition is Critical podcast HERE or follow on Twitter – @TheAiCPodcast


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