Exchange with Mart!

After a few months on the injured list I’ve finally passed a fitness test and I’m ready to resume full time writing duties on A Touch Far Vetched and what better way to announce my return than with news of an exciting new development for ATFV?

Yes, for some time I have been poorer than a Potter side defending corners,  but after ingesting more tablets than the clientele crowded in the Potters Wheel toilets I’m itching to get back to commenting on all things Swansea City. They say though that a picture paints a thousand words (especially when I’m doing the writing) and so it gives me great pleasure to tell you all that ATFV has agreed a tantalising tie-up with professional photographer Martin Johnson.

Martin has hundreds, maybe thousands, of Swans photos, many of which were taken throughout the classic 70’s and 80’s era of the club’s history and I have been authorised to plunder his vaults (stop sniggering at the back, that isn’t a euphemism! – Ed.) and add some of these classic images to material on this site.

That means a way of bringing the Vetch Field Memories section to even more vivid life as well supplementing some of the historical features yet to be launched.

In return, I will be working with Martin to promote his local sports/dance club photography business Team Pics .

I spent a great hour with Martin last week looking through just one of his volumes of classic photos and I’m sure many of the people that enjoy the historical stuff ATFV pumps out will enjoy these images just as much as I did. Martin and I have already discussed collaborating on a special article for the forthcoming anniversary of ** that ** Preston game that took Tosh’s Super Swans into the  old First Division 38 years ago!

I’m looking forward to working with Martin as I get back to writing on this site and I hope that together we can come up with the words and pictures that will keep you all entertained throughout the rest of this season, the summer break and beyond.

In the meantime, why not check out Martin’s Team Pics website by clicking HERE


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