Comic Timing for ATFV as Leon Britton Appointed Swans Sporting Director

Swansea City have announced the appointment of Leon Britton as the club’s first Sporting Director. The elevation of the diminutive club Legend is a shrewd and welcome move…even though it has scuppered a key component of the new ATFV fanzine!

The new electronic version of A Touch Far Vetched is on course to be released after the international break but our new feature comic strip The Ambassadors has been rendered obsolete thanks to Leon’s well deserved promotion!

The new cartoon strip, produced in association with our friends at Boss Brewery, was poised to follow the adventures of Leon Britton and Lee Trundle as they fulfilled their duties as club ambassadors for Swansea City.

A proof of concept first instalment was penned in the summer by local artist Son of Ken but was held back due to delays with the new fanzine and its content subsequently becoming out of date.

Unfortunately a further issue developed with Son of Ken leaving the project but a new artist had just been recruited to turn a brand new script into an official first instalment for the forthcoming magazine…

…and then Leon Britton goes and gets himself promoted to Birch’s de facto deputy and leaves his Ambassadorial role well in the past! 

On the plus side I have already come up with a worthy replacement and so you’ll still be able to get your comic kicks when the first issue of ATFV Online lands in email inboxes in a few weeks time.

Even better, I have a few framed A3 copies of The Ambassadors which have been signed by both Leon and Lee Trundle for charitable purposes – and I’ll be collecting these from the club in the next few days and distributing some to local charities for them to auction off.

Leaving the comic capers behind, this is another excellent move on the part of Chairman Trevor Birch, who continues to impress with his astute handling of affairs on and off the pitch.

Leon’s standing with the fans over such a long and successful period for the club naturally makes this a popular move, but you just know that Birch has promoted Leon because the lad deserves it, and has earned it by proving himself in the role already.

Leon has been instrumental in the appointment of Steve Cooper and new head of Recruitment Andy Scott.

Anyone that attended the recent Fans Forum will have noted the rapport that Britton has with Birch and Cooper, and you just know that as a trio they’ll work wonderfully together to the benefit of Swansea City Football Club.

After so many duff appointments, crazy signings and frankly awful football (Potter’s season aside) over the last few years, this current period for the club on and off the pitch is like a breath of fresh air. It is something to be enjoyed, for make no mistake there are plenty of tough challenges ahead.

But with Birch in charge and now Leon officially at his side, I’m convinced we have the people in charge to navigate us through those challenges…

…Hmm…maybe I should create a comic strip devoted to the Chairman and his new official sidekick??

All at A Touch Far Vetched would like to wish Leon Britton the very best of luck in his new role!



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