The Last Word

By Editor Nigel Davies

So this is it, the last article in the first edition of the all new ATFV Online and it is the last one to be written too.

In the old printed version it was always the very first page, The Opening Salvo, that was written last, usually the night before the print deadline but in this new electronic world it’s the closing thoughts in this regular column that will be the last to be written, the most up to date.

So I’m sitting here typing these words on the Wednesday evening before the Reading game, having just watched our Under 23s annihilate Porto in the Premier League International Cup (you really should click the link there and read the match report on the official site!).

As happy as I am after watching our youngsters put in a massively encouraging performance I’m also filled with worry about this very fanzine as there is still an awful lot of work to do to get it published by the aforementioned Reading game.

Although all the content is written there is still a huge amount of work being done by our partners at Accent Creative  to build the online platform and turn the content into something that not only looks good but can be read on any device.


I’ll be honest with you, if I’d known back in May when I started seriously developing a new electronic version of ATFV just how much of a battle it would be, I would have dropped the idea like a hot potato!

It has been a massive undertaking, not helped by the switch in plan from a downloadable .pdf to a completely web based construct but I hope that in the end it will be worth it.

Without knowing how this first issue will turn out I hope that it meets your expectations as a reader – but I promise you that the quality will continue to improve with every issue we produce.

I am going to repeat myself yet again when I make an appeal to you all to share this publication with your friends and fellow Swans fans, and to click the advertising links contained in these electronic pages.

I can’t stress enough how important that is to us as it will massively, massively increase the income we can potentially generate from advertisers – not to make me rich but to be used to fund our charitable exploits and to make direct purchases of kit and equipment like our MyMedicine donation to Rhos Primary School.

I don’t think I’m asking too much – many of you will share stuff on Facebook for all sorts of causes but whereas sharing “a virtual candle” does nothing to help a cause, sharing ATFV can make all the difference and will help us to buy a new kit for a school…maybe YOUR child’s school!

Or it will help us to buy more toys for the playroom in Morriston Hospital or pay to train more operatives for the Swansea branch of the Samaritans. There are so many good causes in our community and ATFV wants to try and help them all – with your efforts sharing and clicking adverts we might just be able to do it too!

Ok, that’s enough preaching from me! It really is time for the ‘Last Word’…

…hope you enjoyed this first issue of ATFV Online and you’ll carry on reading!

All the Best!