The Fanzine Flag

Symbols are powerful things and a visually vivid standard can make quite a statement without a single word being spoken or written.

That’s why A Touch Far Vetched commissioned MrFlag to produce the all new Fanzine Flag.

It’s our symbol that we are taking out into the community, an emblem of our efforts to raise money and make a contribution to all the good causes around us. And it’s a prop we can use with local businesses to gain their support in our charitable efforts in return for a feel good photo opportunity.

Proudly diaplaying their ATFV flags below from left to right: Drop Pear Beers, EE Mobile and The Pizza Boyz!

The Fanzine Flag will be present at all of our charity events and at home Swans games – if YOU want a photo with the Fanzine Flag then just mosey on over and grab a selfie or we’ll stage a shot with you like we did with these local businesses…

WIN Your Own Flag in our Charity Raffle!

Fancy a flag of your own? Do you have a design in mind for something unique or would you prefer to pick an off the shelf Swans flag to enhance your match day experience? Well we’ve teamed up with MrFlag to offer the winner of our latest charity raffle a 6ft x 4ft flag entirely of their choice. Just click the photo for the full details on how to enter, including free entry for ATFV mailing list subscribers.