Show Me The Money

ln the old printed version of A Touch Far Vetched it became customary to start the issue with news of our fundraising exploits.

As customs go it is a good one and it’s being adopted in this all new electronic incarnation of ATFV. So let’s get this show on the road with a quick look at the fundraising successes so far…

To begin with let’s tell you about an important tie up; this regular feature has been fully supported and sponsored by Peter Mas-Mollinedo and his new venture MyMedicines.

Peter has long been a generous supporter of ATFV and his contribution has been put to good use. Very good use indeed.

In the summer we had an approach from Rhos Primary School who desperately need help with sports kit and equipment.

Armed with a little pot of cash and the blessing of Peter ATFV has been able to fulfil the first items on the school’s wanted list: a total of 24 bibs, 15 footballs and 2 sets of marker cones were purchased and donated.

We could tell you what this donation means in practical and emotional terms…but we’ll leave that instead to Mrs Cole, the Head Teacher of Rhos Primary:

“This donation of equipment will enable us to practice ball skills and play small sided games, which will prepare us for taking part in Urdd competitions and matches against local schools.

“The pupils are very excited and grateful to receive the equipment and can’t wait to use it.

“The new curriculum for Wales encourages all pupils to be healthy, confident individuals and participating in sport and team games is part of this ethos which we are committed to fostering at Rhos Primary School.”

Which brings us neatly to the ATFV Community Chest fundraising scheme we are running, Our JustGiving page is a repository for anyone casual fundraising schemes we run, such as the retro replica shirt online raffle  we recently ran.

We have set a £500 target by the end of the season and once the page closes we will spend every penny raised on further kit and equipment for schools as well as toys for the Children’s Wards in Morriston Hospital.

Why not click the logo below and make a small donation?

Huey, what's the news?

It’s been a long time since we supported Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre and we felt that was something we had to put right. Our Far Vetched for Maggie’s fundraising page aims to raise £500 this season for the essential cancer care facility that helps so many families in Swansea.

We’ve already raised £200 towards our target after a fun little Huey Lewis Night at the Old Inn and we are planning some further fundraising events before Christmas to top up this total.

Give Huey a click and make a contribution to Maggie’s

Good Samaritans

Finally, our Editor Nigel Davies really does like to get behind Swans managers, and he also takes mental health issues very much to heart. And so he’s combined both with his Swans Strikes 4 Samaritans  fundraising scheme.

For every league goal scored and every league point gained under Steve Cooper, the Editor is donating £1 to the Swansea branch of the Samaritans. Better still, an ATFV Twitter follower, Aaron O’shea, came forward and pledged to match the donation.

The Swans’ great start to life under Cooper means that this scheme has already raised £56 for the Samaritans, already a third of the target total of £150 achieved.

Help us hit our goal – click and make a contribution! 

Taken altogether the above schemes have so far raised six hundred pounds which is a decent start…but nowhere near enough. We’ll be redoubling efforts over the coming months to raise further funds for all our schemes listed above, and any news ones that come our way.

And you can help!

There are practical ways that you can you as readers can help us to raise yet more money for charities and for our schoolchildren, and they don’t even involved you spending a penny!

You can:-

• Not only read this electronic fanzine but share the link with your friends – the more views we get, the more attractive ATFV becomes to advertisers. The bulk of all advertising revenue will be used to top up our fundraising schemes or buy more kit and equipment for schools and hospitals

• Attend our events – we often stage a wide range of charity events, from music nights to comedy, to quiz nights, many of them free to attend. Keep an eye out on all our social media channels for details or better still, sign up for our Mailing List

• Click the MyMedicines logo below! It really is that simple to help!! Click the MyMedicines logo and check out their fascinating YouTube channel. More hits on the limited advertising within ATFV means more money for charity!

Please help us to help those in our community that need it most.