Opening Salvo

By ATFV Online Editor Nigel Davies

Hello and welcome to the pilot issue of A Touch Far Vetched ONLINE – the brand new web based fanzine with more photons than a Star Trek episode, more pixels than a Disney movie and more links than the heavy duty chain used to restrain Roy Keane between television appearances…

ATFV editor

So here I am again, writing an Opening Salvo page for an issue of A Touch Far Vetched – something I thought was a thing of the past when I closed down the print version three whole years ago.

There were a number of factors that contributed to that decision at the time, none of which are really relevant now and don’t need discussing…the important things is that WE ARE BACK, with a whole new team involved, a whole new look for the same outstanding content, and a whole new way of reading and interacting as we are now a super diablo web based publication.

I hope you will bear in mind that this first issue is very much an experimental one. My original plan was to produce a .pdf booklet that would be downloadable but my friends at Accent Creative convinced me that my plan was, to be blunt, way too old fashioned.

So instead of a booklet style publication which in truth would be a nightmare for you to read on your mobile phone (which is exactly how we want you to be reading ATFV in this bright new world of technology), each edition of the fanzine will be a mini website in its own right.

It’s going to take a few issues for us to fully develop the look and feel of the publication, and it will take me at least that long to get my head around the different method of thinking involved in producing something like this as opposed to a static, inflexible “28 pages of content with a set word count for each page”.

One crucial factor in this new ATFV venture is the advertising; our new platform means we can hyperlink graphics, text and adverts directly to a business’s website or Facebook page and every view from readers is worth its weight in gold – quite simply the more views, the more advertising we can sell at higher prices…

…..and that means more money for our charitable exploits!!

I will always keep advertising to a low level as I believe the content is all important, but I also want to continue the long held ATFV tradition of promoting local businesses and helping the local community, whether that’s through supporting Swansea based charities or buying kit/equipment/toys for our schools and hospital wards.

Sharing the link for this publication is as easy as sharing one of those “I hate cancer” statuses on Facebook, but the difference is this will make a tangible difference to those charitable causes as the value of our advertising rates will go up and we can devote more money to our charities.

Leaving the technical stuff aside I guess I should tell you just why we are back and what the publication’s stance is regarding the football club.

When I walked away from the publication a few years ago it was with a heavy heart, but circumstances left me little choice. I maintained the website and social media channels and continued to speak out against the now not so new American owners and the sellers that did so much harm to our club for personal greed.

But A Touch Far Vetched has been all consuming for a third of my life and my devotion to Swansea City Football Club spans more than four decades… so when circumstances changed and a new way to approach producing ATFV became viable I simply couldn’t resist the challenge of trying to bring the fanzine back.

I also strongly believe that our club is in desperate need of as many strong fan voices as possible right now – make no mistake, despite the best efforts of the excellent Trevor Birch our financial situation is a precarious one.

Add into that the continued presence of the American owners and their hedge funder cronies and I feel there is a need for ATFV to line up alongside the likes of the SoS and Jack Swan fanzines as well as the Supporters Trust to put across the fans’ view loud and clear.

This publication always had a reputation for strongly supporting the football club but never being afraid to speak out when criticism was necessary – and that tradition will be carried forward by this new version of the fanzine.

I guess you’ll see that for yourself over the coming season – at least I hope you will as that means that you are still reading, still supporting just like you did so solidly in the past.

I hope you enjoy this first issue of ATFV Online