Fan Attics

Whether it’s classic kits, old programmes or pin badges and pennants there’s nothing better than a bit of football memorabilia to bring a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat.

Feeling a little nostalgic ourselves here at ATFV, what with the online relaunch and all, we asked Swans fans to plunder their attics and share their treasured items with our readers. Here’s the first batch of treasures that got dusted off…

Clare Ridley dug out her classic 1995/96 Gulf Oil away shirt with Jan Molby’s name and number…well it was Molby’s number at the time! “He changed his number to 10 a week after I got my shirt printed,” fumes Clare. It might explain why she labelled her shirt as “long lost” and had to dig it out of a storage box to send us a photo for our new feature. To be fair to Clare though, she did take a second photo for us, after she’d ironed the shirt in question!

match day mascot

This classic photo was submitted by Rob Elsey and it captures the moment he was photographed as a young match day mascot in the old Radio Vetch studio with the legendary DJ at that time, Tony Nakonecznyj – and yes it took several attempts to type that name correctly and no, autocorrect didn’t help in the slightest.

Now this photo of the immortalised “should have heard the cockerel cry when the Swans scored number three” game ticket is exactly what we want for this feature. We are less enthusiastic about the old “Man at C & A” fashion photos though, even if the fashion concerned is this delicate 70s classic Swans sweater! Thanks to Mork Orson for his submission.
70s classic Swans sweater

Have you got an old photograph or a piece of Swans memorabilia you’d like to share with the Jack Army through our Fan Attics feature? If so, just drop us a line with your piccie and a description. Submissions to