Abbreviated Match Report: Swans 2 v Tigers 1

Nature experts everywhere were left stunned as wounded Swans fought back and finally savaged the Tigers.

Cooper couldn’t believe his eyes as the Tigers mauled his men almost from the start – and to keep the animal analogy going it was a Kamil doing the damage (see what I did there?), Kamil Grosicki scoring after just three minutes.

The Swans hoarded the ball but it was slow and harmless stuff and the Tigers thought they had us tamed…

…but within five minutes of the second half the tables had been turned and the Tigers has been caged.

The equaliser was a touch fortuitous but Borja won’t care as he scored only his second competitive goal for the Swans – you Jack Baston!

Within another 90 seconds the game has been turned on its head as Mike Van der Hoorn used his own to plunder the winner.

The Swans triumph, Cooper gets a winning start and the Tigers find themselves the victim of South Wales trophy hunters ?

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