Former Goalkeeper Set to Save a Fortune for The Samaritans at An Evening With Mike Hughes & Friends

It’s the first #ATFVfundraising event of the season! ATFV is pledging to raise money for the Swansea branch of the Samaritans by teaming up with a fascinating former goalkeeper for An Evening With Mike Hughes & Friends.

Swans fans of a certain era (old fogeys like me, I mean) will no doubt remember Mike Hughes as a massively talented goalkeeper that was forced to retire from the game at the tender age of just 24.

Hughes suffered blows to the head in consecutive games and listened to strong advice from medical professionals to give up his gloves due to the danger another head injury would pose.

It brought a sad and inglorious end to a career that saw Hughes play for first John Toshack, then John Bond and finally Terry Yorath – a spell spanning the very best and very worst times in the club’s past.

Mike will be joining ATFV for a Q&A session at the Boss Brewery Tap Room after the home fixture against Bristol City on the 25th August.

We are currently arranging for some back-up for Mike on the stage with a few more ex-Swans of that era being approached to take part in the evening. We will of course keep you up to date with the “friends” part of An Evening With Mike Hughes & Friends as and when we get it. And to that end you could keep bang up to date with news on this fantastic event by following the Facebook page set up for it.

As well as the fascinating football Q&A covering the glorious Tosh years, the catastrophic crash under Bond and the start of the recovery under Yorath, we’ll have the magnificent musical talents of Michael “Vegas” Rees. ATFV has worked with Mike before and I can confirm that he is the KING of Elvis tribute acts (see what I did there?!)

We’ll have the obligatory raffle and auction and that is how we will raise the donation on the night as entry is FREE!! Michael "vegas" Rees performing for #ATFVfundraisingYou can book your place in Boss Brewery by clicking HERE

On a sad and poignant note, organising of the event had already started and Mike had selected the Samaritans as his charity of choice when a young lady took her own life in the city yesterday. I have very little details and wouldn’t want to share them here if I did, but I know that she leaves behind a young daughter after believing she had no option other than to end her own life.

The lady in question was a friend of one of the Landore Ladies girls ATFV used to sponsor and I saw some of the detail on her Facebook page last night.

I’ve extended an offer to dedicate this event to this tragic young woman and if the family deem it appropriate then it will be done.

The tragic tale reinforces how important help organisations like The Samaritans offer is and I hope that anyone reading this will not only consider attending and buying a few quid of raffle tickets, but will share all the details with their Swans loving friends.

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to plead with anyone that is at the mercy of depression and/or associated mental health issues. Please reach out to someone – professional help would be best but anyone can make a difference if they are prepared to actively listen.

Readers of this site will know that I personally have had my battles with The Black Dog and the murderous mutt has beaten me more than once. But that has left me with an appreciation of the devastating effect depression has.

My door is always open. If you need help but don’t know where to turn then please, please drop me an email on and together we can find the help needed.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

Please come and support our An Evening With Mike Hughes & Friends so that we can raise a chunk of cash that might, just might prevent one tragedy of this nature happening again.

An Evening With Mike Hughes & Friends

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