Bring Back Swans Fanzine A Touch Far Vetched? Tatts a Great Idea!

It is with great delight that I can announce that a fully fledged fanzine version of A Touch Far Vetched is making a triumphant comeback – and to celebrate we are offering subscribers the chance to win a Swansea City tattoo!

The long running print fanzine was sadly lost after one issue last season. My on-going health problems and changes behind the scenes made it no longer viable to produce and sell what was a costly product. I was in no mood to let A Touch Far Vetched die entirely though and so a rebranded and revamped website carried the torch through the rest of the season.

However, I am know in a position where my health has improved and, crucially, I have a simply unbeatable new team behind me and I’m ready to relaunch a stand alone A Touch Far Vetched publication.

The new version will be very different from what came before; it will have a totally new look and it will almost certainly be a downloadable .pdf only (although I’m still debating whether to print a limited number of hard copies) – and best of all it will be FREE!

Some things though will stay very much the same: there will be quality writing throughout; we’ll produce something that will be suitable for adults but safe for children to look through; we’ll use the publication to give fans a voice and to fight for the health and wellbeing of our football club; and we shall use A Touch Far Vetched  as a platform to raise money for junior football and charitable causes in our community.

To run alongside this new fanzine we are also launching the ATFV Subscribers Service – sign up with just an email address and you’ll automatically receive the new fanzine delivered to your Inbox as well receiving the latest news on our events, special offers and website updates. And everyone on our mailing list is automatically entered into a monthly prize draw which launches with that offer of a FREE Swans tattoo!

We’ve teamed up with avid Swans fan and talented tattoo artist Lee Lewis and the lucky winner, picked at random on the 1st of August, will be entitled to a free basic Swans tattoo at Lee’s Ink Addiktion Tattoo Studio. The winner will be able to go for a more complex or bespoke Swans tattoo but this will incur a charge for the additional studio time required.

As tattoos are age restricted, and clearly they are not everyone’s cup of tea, an alternative prize of a Swans training top will be available to the lucky winner.


To sign up for our ATFV Subscribers Service complete the form prominently displayed at the bottom of our Home Page or simply email and ask to be added.

This is an uncertain time for Swansea City Football Club with American owners still finding their feet, the Supporters Trust battling to retain its influence and a Chairman with a popularity rating falling faster than Theresa May’s at election time.

After eleven years fervently and vigorously supporting pretty much everything the club did it has been hard over the last year to be so openly critical. However, it’s my job as Editor to call things as I see them and it is the mission of A Touch Far Vetched to fight for what’s right at our football club.

A revamped and relaunched fanzine publication will provide a voice for both criticism and support when necessary, and it will of course seek to be as entertaining and informative as possible for its readership.

This is an exciting time for A Touch Far Vetched – why not be part of it? Sign up, subscribe, and maybe win a super Swans tattoo whilst you’re at it!






  • Patrick Rhode

    Swans fan from Vancouver Island, BC Canada (home of Brian Hughes)…. very excited to find your website. Looking forward (nervously) to the new season.

    • Nigel Davies

      Hi Patrick, my apologies – only just saw your comment!

      That new season is now upon us and I share your nervousness and excitement!

      Thanks for getting in touch – it is always awesome to hear from Jacks right across the world!