Just One More Thing…

Hallelujah the season is over! It’s been nine months of tension and torture but it finally finished in some style under the sun yesterday and we all get a chance to draw breath, amazingly still a Premier League team.

So bring on the Saturday and Sundays filled with classic Columbo episodes, that’s what I say! 

The crusty old cop show, famous for its “Ahh just one more thing, sir!” catchphrase, always fills out the schedules somewhere and is compulsive viewing for me in the closed season.

Damn well even more so this summer too.

Ok, it all finished in some sort of “glory” as Paul Clement – and Leon Britton – inspired title winning form to beat the odds and beat relegation.

But let’s not kid ourselves that this season has been anything other than a disgrace on and off the field at times.

We’ve dodged a bullet for a second season running.

If that bullet had hit its target you wouldn’t have needed Columbo to work out who killed our Premier League dreams…

Jenkins, Dineen, Bricktop Morgan, Katzen and the Clog, along with their American Cowboy meal ticket of Levien and Katzen were the conspirators, their patsy Bob Bradley pulled the trigger.

In the nick of time Clement came in (thanks in part to the Americans finally listening to what the Trust had to say) and we have all round relief rather than a murder enquiry on our hands.

Oh how relieved those buyers and sellers must be – they probably need the Premier League TV money just to pay their underwear cleaning bill!

Well, time enough to dissect that and work out how we go about sorting the huge ownership issues that are still there, standing in front of us like a giant booby trap waiting to go off in our still smiling faces.

For now, like the rest of you, I’ll revel in yesterday’s wonderful win over a stubborn West Brom.

It was delightful to see Jordan Ayew’s recent efforts rewarded with a goal – timed perfectly to bizarrely coincide with his brother also scoring for West Ham. And it was perhaps fitting that Fernando Llorente got the winning goal to sign off a significant campaign from the veteran Spaniard. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s little doubt that when you give him the service he craves he just oozes class and he’s been instrumental in keeping us up.

A mention too for Tom Carroll who I think has been better than excellent since signing in January. I wasn’t particularly overjoyed at the thought of us bringing him in as I thought he’d been average in his first spell but I’m happy to say that he’s proved me wrong on a consistent basis ever since he pulled the Swans shirt back on. He was excellent again yesterday – perhaps something that is overlooked as he had The Master Leon Britton pulling all the strings alongside him.

With Llorente/Ayew up front, Gylfi and Carroll in midfield and the ever burgeoning Alfie Mawson at the back we are starting to form a strong spine again that could give us something to build around.

Time now for those at the club to sort themselves out, up their game considerably, and back Clement in the transfer market whilst doing everything possible to keep Llorente and Sigurdsson in South Wales.

Meanwhile I’m off to pen some non current affairs content for ATFV Online…

…and watch some Columbo.