We Brought The Scouse Down

Learn with ATFV The Anfield EquationThank you very much Swansea City for giving me the opportunity to use that headline…but thank you far more for three valuable points delivered in the most heartening fashion with a performance that finally put the pride back in the badge.

It’s typical Swansea City, I guess; looking up at our illustrious, title chasing hosts from the very bottom of the table we defied every prediction to deliver Liverpool’s first home Premier League defeat in eighteen games – and secure a first ever League win at Anfield just when we needed it most.

And yes, we had to do it the hard way!

Securing and then losing a two goal lead would have seen the side crumble at any other time this season, but the players seem to have taken onboard Clement’s instruction to “toughen up” and belligerent defending coupled with Gylfi Sigurdsson’s cool finish secured a thoroughly deserved famous win.

Yes, it was defensive for long periods but, seriously, who cares? Liverpool have been lauded for their attacking prowess all season and we were visiting their home with the worst defensive record in the league – so of course we were going to have to roll up our sleeves and concentrate on stopping them.

And really, if Liverpool want to be Champions (which most of their fans label them after each win they secure) then they really should be able to cope with a rearguard action and put a bottom of the table side to the sword at home.

That they didn’t is not down to THEIR failings, it’s down to OUR SUCCESS at hassling, tackling and blocking anything in red that moved.

This Swansea side looked organised, it looked pumped and it looked like it wanted to fight for that badge on their shirts – all things that have been missing for far too long.

Credit to Clement and Makelele for restoring those attributes so quickly and yes, credit too goes to the players for a superb battling performance. I’ll criticise when I feel it is necessary but I will always look to praise them when I feel it is merited. And boy did they deserve that praise yesterday!

I also feel it is important to point out that amongst the defensive belligerence there were plenty of passing patterns that hinted at a realistic return for the much missed Swansea Way. Instrumental in that was the debut of Tom Carroll in midfield, the diminutive new signing simply superb on his second debut.

Now I will hold my hands up and say I was less than enthusiastic about Carroll’s return, viewing him as no more than ordinary during his loan spell a couple of years ago.

But the young lad made me look a fool (not that difficult, I hear you all say!!) with his cultured and creative performance…the cross for Llorente’s second was sublime, and I hope he can give our wingers some much needed tips in training!!

As pleasing as the performance was though, the three points – unexpected as they were – are even more important given our current predicament, and with other results going our way we have the added psychological boost of being out of the bottom three. That really is the cherry on the icing on the cake.

I’m sure that news of our victory in the early kick-off exerted some extra pressure in the Sunderland and Palace dressing rooms prior to their defeats to West Brom and Everton respectively.

What is critical for Swansea City now is that we capitalise on this fantastic weekend by taking confidence from it, capturing the quality centre half we all know we need and fend off any interest in Fernando Llorente from Chelsea. And beating a struggling Southampton at the Liberty is crucial too.

As for us fans, what we have to do now is simply enjoy the moment…

…and start believing that The Great Escape II is actually possible.

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