Win a Few Bob…For Maggie’s!

There are two things I’m absolutely committed to supporting right now: Bob Bradley and Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre. Bob’s the new man in charge of our beloved Swansea City and so I want to see him thrive and prosper in his new job. As for Maggie’s, I’m feeling a tad guilty about pulling the plug on planned charity events and so I want to make a gesture, just to pledge my ongoing support.

So what better way to achieve the twin objectives than by combining them? And so today I launch the great Win a Few Bob…For Maggie’s scheme. 

It’s a pretty simple concept; for every Premier League win Bob secures between now and the end of the season, I’ll donate ten pounds to Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Swansea. I’ve set a target of £100 and if we hit that then we’ll probably bag enough points to stay up – a real win / win scenario!

I’ve set up a Just Giving page for this particular exploit and money will be uploaded immediately after each win, hopefully starting this weekend when Bob makes his Premier League bow at Arsenal.

Please feel free to add your donation if you want to, with an amount for every win or on a one off basis – every penny will be gratefully received. 

I must say I like Bob…I’ve been very impressed with our new manager every time I’ve heard him speak. Okay, he sounds like a cross between Rocky Balboa and the Drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jackett, but this is clearly an intelligent man that considers his answers carefully before speaking.

His first press conference was particularly fascinating and he came across incredibly well…he’s the type of guy you could happily be stuck in a lift with for an hour, listening to anecdotes from his colourful twenty year career.

Of course the talking will soon be over and we’ll see if he can deliver the all important commodity – results.

If he does, I’ll happily keep coughing up the tenners for Maggie’s.