Time to Stand Up?

"I'm not leaving my heated seat for anyone!"
“I’m not leaving my heated seat for anyone!”

Swansea City’s defeat to Tottenham Hostpur this afternoon has opened up an interesting debate on Twitter as fans focus on Michael Laudrup’s decision to remain seated in the dug-out for the whole 90 minutes whilst his charges initially fizzed, then floundered and eventually flopped.

As ever when you get opposing views from a great many football fans things descend into two parties trying to show the other point of view in an extreme light – those that feel that Laudrup is entirely within his rights to remain seated suggest that those that hold the opposing view want to see the Dane descend into Di Canio type shenanigans.

Those that feel Laudrup should be upwardly mobile suggest the other viewpoint is completely closing its eyes to the precarious position we are edging towards and that Laudrup is actively costing us points by sitting on his ‘arris.

Safely ensconced within the bubble of my blog, I can elaborate on my point of view without fighting off the heretics – well, at least until I click the “publish” button.

So let me make my position very clear: Michael Laudrup really should be prowling the touchline at times because his presence there CAN make a difference.

Quite simply the question is: Can a coach/manager make a difference by passing instructions and giving encouragement from the sidelines? And if you think the answer to that question is NO then can you please explain to me what the purpose of the managers’ technical area is if not for the coaching team to have a limited influence on proceedings on the pitch?

Tim Sherwood spent the whole game on the sidelines cajoling and coaching his players and maybe that played a part in them riding out our early storm and then taking control?

Similarly, when the game was slipping away from us I’m sure the likes of Ben Davies, Leon, Pozuelo et al would have liked to look over at the sidelines and receive a bit of advice or encouragement from such a wonderful former player as Laudrup.

I know I would have liked Laudrup in the technical area telling his team to get the ball out wide once in a while instead of constantly running into brick walls in the middle of the park!

Did the manager’s place on the bench the whole game lead to us losing? No. Could his presence now and again at the side of the pitch have led to a different result? Maybe.

One thing’s for sure, we have listlessly sleepwalked towards a true relegation battle and we’ve showed very little fight for almost a whole calendar year now; we desperately need some leadership and surely that should come from the manager first and foremost?

The next four games are absolutely crucial for us – anything less than six points and we are in deep trouble towards the bottom of the table. It’s time for players and fans to stand tall…

…and for the manager to do so too?

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  • Ian

    Agree with most of that mate, and agree we should be getting the ball out wide – unfortunately for most of the game one of our wings was totally vacant as Pozuelo insisted on roaming around the middle of the pitch like a headless chicken; getting in everyone’s way and making Bony’s job far harder than it should have been.

    Think he is becoming a bit of a luxury player and was a total lightweight today; sometimes looks decent coming off the bench but usually has a nightmare if he is on from the start.

    • atfv

      Agree with you Ian but also think it’s a symptom of Laudrup’s tactics. We are simply screaming out for some width and a few deliveries from the by-line to feed Bony. But we just keep plugging away up the middle whether it’s effective or not.